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About Gamer Gifts

We are gamers, we love gaming and have played video games for decades.  

We thought it would be great to do gaming gifts, but soon realised that we love getting involved in any gift creation.

Us, well we love a variety of games, characters and avid movie/tv critics/lovers.

From when you order, what happens

From when you place your order, we work with you on your design, or if it is an off the shelf, we send the artwork to our supplier to be printed (usually Victoria), this usually can happen within an hour to a day or two depending on the customisation, how many drafts and your response times. 

Our printing partners, who are a small business in Victoria who have incredible attention to detail, print the artwork, produce the product. They then package the product and prepare to send, depending on the time of day, will determine whether it goes in that days post or not.

We send you a notification at the time of printing the postage label so that you know it is on its way.

From there, Australia Post does the rest, international standard shipping has no tracking, express does, we always recommend express for that purpose.

We do not usually have any problems with sent parcels, Australia Post is reliable and efficient 99% of the time.

If you are overseas and ordering a mug or mouse pad, we use production partners in your country to produce and send to you.  We have a worldwide network and usually arrive within 5 – 11 days.

If you purchase from us your supporting a small business who has fun creating thoughtful gifts for people, we are not a big organisation and have no desire to be.

We hope you choose us and enjoy your gifts, whether you are receiving or giving.

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