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Protective Face Masks

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Protective Face Mask

A Great Range Of Face Masks

Our “Non-Medical” Face masks meet government requirements for mandatory face masks in hot zones.

Medical Face Masks

Medical face masks are for one time use only and Surgical masks are made with a non woven meltblown polypropylene layer and available in various levels of protection. These are single use masks only so can’t be washed and used again.
These are not required but do offer better quality of protection.

Non-Medical Face Masks

Cloth masks are any nose and mouth covering made of washable fabric. The Department of Health recommend be a mask made of three layers. It does not need to be surgical quality to be effective.

For more detailes on what face masks to use or how to make your own visit the department of Health: Click Here

Latest COVID-19 News from Australia

If you would like to be up to date with current stats and how the National battle against COVID-18 is progressing, we suggest you  Read More

Brisbane in Lockdown

As a Brisbane quarantine worker tests positive to the UK strand of the COVID-19 virus, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has ordered a state lock down effective from 6:00pm Friday the 8th January 2021 until Monday the 11th January 2021, to find out more, click here.

Victorian Face Masks Laws and requirements

For great information on where you need to wear face masks, we suggest you  Read More

Victoria makes masks compulsory for all

All Victorians will be required to wear a mask from Sunday the 2nd August 2020, with more restrictions reimposed in some regional areas as the state reported a record 723 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday and 13 deaths. Read More

Australia's COVD-19 Requirements

Australia’s Covid-19 face mask advice: Are reusable or washable masks best, and what are the rules?  For a comprehensive understanding of what the rules are and advice in regards to face maks Click Here

What you need to know about COVD-19 in Australia

COVID-19 has affected the world in a major way, in recent times in Australia we have seen increasing numbers of cases, for an up to date guide for Australia we suggest you read this article Read More

Australian Border restrictions

Australian states are enforcing strict rules for border crossings between states to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 corona virus. To find out more click these links.

Queensland (QLD)

New South Wales (NSW)

Victoria (VIC)

South Australia (SA)

Western Australia (WA)

Northern Teritory (NT)

Tasmania (TAS)

New South Wales Face Masks Laws and requirements

For great information on where you need to wear face masks, we suggest you  Read More

What makes a good Face Mask

Do your research before you buy, do they have stock, when is their next shipment, are they single layer, three ply, are they washable, do I need to replace filters, where do I buy filters? These are the questions that you should ask before purchasing.  To learn more, Click Here.

What are high particulate respirator (P2 or N95) masks?

P2 and N95 masks are designed to help reduce respiratory exposure to airborne contaminants. They are used when there is a high probability of transmission from particles or droplets in the air. P2 and N95 masks must have a good facial fit to minimise contamination. Workers must be trained in how to fit, use and dispose of P2 and N95 masks. They should only be work in high contamination areas like hospitals and health care areas. To learn more Click Here

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